Aicher, Jim


Deceased 4-7-02, Anchorage, Alaska

Blevins, Kimberly (Manning)



Brown, Gina gbrown@comerinc.com Live and work in Charlotte, NC. Have one son. Would love to hear from old classmates.

Burmer, Renee, Eads



Burton, Anna  (Johnson)


Married Keith in 1986.  Graduated University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1992 with a BS in accounting. Live in Greensboro, NC Employed as a Computer Analyst.  No children, just a very spoiled dog.

Lakeshia Calhoun-Hoyle Hoyle3113@yahoo.com Living in Columbus, OH; Academic Advisor for Columbus Public Schools; three children - Tanisha, Devyn, Michael.

Delung, Mark


Married to Torri--Son Markus, Daughter Brooke.   Working for AT Massey Coal. Go Devils!

Delung, Torri, Burke


Married to Mark-son Markus,-daughter Brooke Teaching @ Mt. Hope Middle School Live in Oak Hill -GO RED DEVILS!!!!!

Dick, Penny (Lewis)


Live in Poca, home of the MIGHTY POCA DOTS!!!!!But will always be a TRUE DEVILS FAN!!!!  3 kids, Dava, Emmalea (pronounced Emily), and Lil Jesse.  Work for CAMC  Women's & Children's Hospital as a Registration Clerk.  Jesse, my husband works for Select Specialty Hospitals. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.  GOD BLESS. :-)
Dempsey, Paula paula.dempsey@nn.k12.va.us Live in Newport News, VA.; Teacher in an alternative Program; 2 children who reside in Oak Hill, Caleb 11 and Caitlin 14, who attends OHHS.

Drennen, Johny



Drennen, Shelby (Kessler)


Married to Johnny.  We have a daughter, Samantha Jo.  I am a stay at home mom.  We still live in Oak Hill.

Elkins, Linda



Endress, Beth (Cox) mishacat@hotmail.com Living in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Fox, Todd Tod.Fox@us.army.mil Married with two children: Kayden Grace(7) & Elijah Drew (2); 19 years military service.

Harding, Deborah (Carter)


Currently reside in Oak Hill.  Divorced with two children Greg, and Courtney.  I do bookkeeping for a local mining company and sell real estate part time.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

James, George


Graduated from Concord College in 1991 w/ Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  Currently reside in Oak Hill and am self-employed.  Check out my website www.excel.com/phoneme

Jenkins, Dawn (Hunter)


Live in Scottsdala Arizona. Daughter Alexa. Employed as an Exec. Asst to President of John C. Lincoln Hospital.

Jenkins, Lisa (Scarbro)


Married Marty Jenkins in 1986, still married!!  3 daughters.  Living in Conover, NC. Work in a furniture mill.  Love my life, wouldn't change a thing!!

King, Lisa (Johnston) littlemiss068@hotmail.com 
Live in Page, WV. Married with one son and 2 stepdaughters, I also have to grandchildren.
Klosski, Kevin kevinrklosski@yahoo.com  Uncle of future high school girls basketball star, Caelea Teel. GO RED DEVILS!!

Layne, Madonna (Price)


Currently living in Richmond VA.  Work from home as a jewelry crafter.  4 children, Brandon, Bryan, Bryson and Savanna.  Still singing and acting.  I was an extra for an episode in Dawson's Creek.  Would love to hear from some of you guys.

Massey, Barry


Married, 2 girls, working everyday at King Coal Chevrolet.

Molchanoff, Barbara (Mcneil)


Living in Oak Hill.  I am married to Tim, and we have 2 wonderful children a son and daughter.

Myal, Jeff



Newby, Melissa, Poff



Nichols, Kevin


Live in Cross Lanes WV.  married to Valerie and have 2 children.

Painter, John


Band Director, Orchestra Director, and Trumpet Instructor in Manassas, VA

Pierson, Mary "Marlo", Stump


 Married to Randy for 21 yrs.; live in Milton, WV.; 2 children, Miranda 17 and Travis 15.   Miranda will be going to college Fall of '09 to study to be an orthodontist.

Purdue Brian bperdue1968@msn.com Living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Married with two kids and two dogs (boxers).
Richardson, Lori lori_r_99@yahoo.com Living in Chesapeake, Va. Married with 2 sons Joey age 16 and Christopher age 13. Currently I am an Assistant Office Manager for a Lincoln Mercury Dealership.

Riser, Michael


 Married to Michelle Davis. Living in Oak Hill & working for Dept. of Highways.

Robertson, Josette, Settle


2 children, Justin and Savannah.  Working as an Investigator. Graduated with highest honors from MSU with a degree in Criminal Justice.  Married in 1990 and divorced in 1999.

Robertson, Terri (Sizemore)   Married since 1995 and have 3 girls. Working as a part time Critical Care/ER Nurse. Living in Jacksonville, FL.

Rodriguez, Michelle, Seletyn


Currently living in New York City; I work doing bookkeeping & production manager for Tea For Two Productions house in St. Clement Theatre. My dreams have finally come true. 2 children  Amanda and Alex.

Ruiz, Ronda, Peraldo


Currently living in Austin Texas.  Married; 2 boys, and 1 girl.  Working part time as an RN.

Schenck, Drew



Seagraves, Tia (Richardson) poohsmom32697@yahoo.com Full time mom, 1 daughter. Married to Kenny for 11 years and reside in McDowell County, WV.

Smith, Bill



Staples, Mike


Married with a son, Dylan (not quite Al Bundy - yet!). Living in Mars PA and working as a product director for Per-Se Technologies.

Sturges, James



Tinsley, Jeffrey jeffrey.tinsley@us.army.mil Married for 16 years to Toyee (Willis) Tinsley. Resides in Charlotte, NC 2 kids (Jeffrey Jr. 15 and Aniah 2)  US. Army (First Sergeant E8) Currently Serving in Iraq.

Walker, Kevin



Watts, Ngozi ngozi_watts@hotmail.com I have 2 daughters, we live outside of Chicago and I am a Merger and Acquisition worker for a Hospital Products company.

Williams, Wesley "Jay"


Living in Asheville NC. Working in  plant that makes CDs and DVDs, I work in the DVD dept as shirt trainer, and also as the incident commander for our HAZMAT team.

Wills, Cindy, McClanahan


2 children, Bethany attends OHHS.

Wooten, Andy



Zavareei, Hassan


Attorney practicing in D.C. and living in MD. Married to Natalie with three daughters.